Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale

American Idol Finale was a blast! Great show showcasing a real constellation. The big surprise was at the end, when the final votes favored Kris instead of Adam. Tell you what. Since I don't work for WSVN or know anybody who works there, I can reveal to you the truth about what happened tonight. Adam Lambert is too big a star to simply win American Idol. He's way over.

Kris, you did great and you deserve the title because you worked your way to the top getting better with every performance.

Adam, hats to your feet. You're Mr. Adam Lambert. Everybody wants a piece of you. Congratulations!
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Anonymous said...

Americans like straight people deep inside? no singers that are actors. That is why he won all the way and he he is the america idol. A least my america idol.

Patricia said...

Mine too