Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lie on King!

(Reminds me of Charlie Sheen)

Now that it comes to a theater near you, do you like the Lion King movie? Doesn't it have a great message? Well, in my opinion it does have a message. However, it’s not that great.

The whole thing is a lie. A lion cub doesn't look up to its father. In fact he doesn't even know who his father is. He (she) relies on his mother.

I always experienced a rejection toward that story. And, another story I recently read and later posted on facebook, reaffirmed my conviction.

When a cub fell down a ravine and was dangerously hanging for his life, the mother in desperation roared for help. Where was Lion King daddy? Oh! Mother couldn't wait. She went down and rescued her cub. It's a sequence of pictures what tells the story. The last picture is the mother comforting her scared cub. It's all right, little lion. One day you will be strong. Your mother will make sure of that. And, one day you will become a Lion King, or whatever you want to be.

I find Hollywood so misleading…


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